The Zagreb Set

Since 2006 Irish Maiden have had the joy of dancing many sets of which most are from Ireland but some like the Antrim Square set originate outside of Ireland, in this case Australia. It is a wonder to have so many of these beautiful sets fully noted through careful and caring reconstruction from older generations.

Zagreb SetIn Croatia we feel it’s time we gave something back in the way of the Zagreb set. This season we will develop our set led by choreographer Ivan Jurinić and with help and input from our whole team, who love intense Irish set dancing.

What we would like to achieve is to see this set danced in the different corners of the world where set dancing takes place. To this end we will record the set and place it here on the site as well as on Youtube. We will also post the notes for simple understanding of it and the music required. We hope that others will dance our set and will go further to record it on video so we can share your experience and further share it with the world. In Croatia we don’t have many other set dancers near us and we would be delighted to make some new friends around the world.

For now we need to get working on our set – but it’s always a pleasure to dance and create so we will have fun doing so.

Watch this space….

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