Meet Igor Stojaković – Irish Blogger


My name is Igor Stojaković, and I’m originally from Umag, Istra, Croatia. Life treated me well so far and has fulfilled my appetite to try all different kind of things. I travelled a lot and I worked in few well known multicultural companies. These opportunities have filled my life with precious experiences.

Since September 2013 I have lived in Dublin, Ireland with my wife. I usually do something in IT sector for living (at the moment engaged with software quality assurance). Besides playing with gadgets and software I also like to travel, take photos, write, cook, eat meals from all different kind of cuisines, taste cheeses, vines and good beers.

Igor Stojaković

You can view Igor’s full blog at the below addresses:

As I have travelled to live in Croatia, so Igor has done the same but the other way. We share a love for each other’s countries and I am honoured to have some of Igor’s excellent writings (with perfect Croatian/Irish humour) on the Irish Maiden website.

Paul O’Grady


Igor Stojaković in the Wicklow mountains