Irish Events

Did you give me my hat back?Paul O’Grady, Lena Puhar and their team with Irish Maiden are delighted to introduce you to our wide variety of presentations, workshops and Irish themed events. All events can be undertaken in either English, Croatian or a combination of both.

Our development of presentations and events has come from a continued demand in Croatia for such activities. Each and every event that we undertake we do so to the highest level of quality with each individual event researched and tailored to the specific needs of the client and audience. Our work in this area however falls into a number of broad categories. Feel free to browse our media articles on previous events and you can contact us for a consultation on what we can deliver for you.

On behalf of the whole organizational team, I would like to thank Mr Paul O’Grady for his generous contribution to our project of the 10th annual “Irish days” at the University of Zadar. People are still impressed by every part of the legendary evening. A short, but captivating presentation enriched with his performance of several traditional Irish songs gave us an almost complete overview of Irish history, geography and culture. The audience also got a chance to hear how a Scottish accent sounds and one of the many Irish dialects. After the presentation the best part of the evening – dancing took place. For the most of us who knew about the Irish dance only from television it was a completely new and truly wonderful experience. There was no end in sight to our fun. However, when the evening came to an end, we all agreed that we hadn’t had so much fun for a long time and that this was one of the best evenings in our lives.
Daria Mišon – University of Zadar


Presentations covering subjects such as Ireland’s culture, history, economic growth, experience of the EU, path to peace. Comparative discussions on Ireland and Croatia. These events can be designed for both adult and young participants alike.

Ireland presentation for Skolska Knjiga

Workshop for Skolska Knjiga at the Westin in Zagreb


We cover all forms of Irish dancing and can present perform and instruct in this area. Our dancers have successfully incorporated this into a team building activity and have also brought great excitement to events at schools, weddings, concerts, charity events with both performance and crowd participation dancing.

We have brought a taste of Ireland to all corners of the country such as the main square in Zagreb and in Motovun with the President.

Croatian President can't believe he's been asked to Irish dance


Irski Studio can provide Irish music for any event and have a great range of musical partners from which we can select just the right type of Irish sound for your event. Paul is also an accomplished guitarist for some 20 years and specializes in both traditional and contemporary Irish songs. Many visitors to our workshops are quite surprised when they find them selves partaking in a song in the Irish (Celtic) language!

Musical workshop


Many of our most successful workshops are a blend of two or all three categories. With such a variety at our disposal, we find that clients and audience alike are delighted with the dynamic nature or our work. Our experience is that using such diverse communication channels will stimulate and audience on an audio, visual and kinaesthetic level.

School workshop for over 500 kids and their teachers.

Clients / Audience

Irski Studio has presented, performed and work shopped with people aged from 8 to 80 covering diverse backgrounds across all regions of Croatia . We work with company directors and teachers to children with special needs. It is our experience that a dynamic and well planned event is well received by all.

Cest 2012


As each event is tailored to the specific client and audience, fees are quoted on the completion of a plan for an event. All sound equipment can be provided. In the case of working with people with special needs we do not ask for a fee. We have at the moment a number of ongoing projects in this area presently.

Irish dancing at Motovun

Should you wish to enquire about any of these workshops or to suggest a completely new idea please contact Paul or Lena by mail or by phone.

Contact: Paul 095 562 4111 / Lena 099 592 4156