Our team


Tomislav Šokčević is the leader of the Skelly Dancers and a committed Irish set dancer since 2008. Šoki is not only a very talented dancer but also a multi-instrumentalist including the guitar and the Irish tin whistle known as the Feadóga Stáin. Šoki is a man who keeps Skelly Dancers  honest on the traditions of traditional music and dance and somebody who is very chilled out.

Lada Jovović has danced with Irish Maiden and now Skelly Dancers since 2009. She is an amazing bundle of positive energy that we are very proud to have with us in the world of Irish traditional dance. Lada specializes in working with new dancers and her combination of technical skills and more importantly, kind nature means that those who have the joy to dance and learn with her will have an exceptional experience.


Dora Ravanščak is an ‘old’ memberof  Irish Maiden and a new member of Skelly Dancers. She is one of the most experienced dancers although still younger than most others. Dora is our community manager, she loves fast cars, evenings out with friend, music and dance and loves to be in the middle of whatever is going on. Dora is a great help in spreading the Skelly story via social media.


Paul O’Grady  loves his dance. What he loves more is meeting new people and helping them to really express themselves through dance with new friends. Dancing has been a big part of his life, and he considers it an honour to share the experience with many people. Irish Maiden has been his life and he expresses his pride in seeing the next generation take it on and is happy to be the very first Skelly Dancer.

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